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Emergency Assistance

The Women's Programs Emergency Scholarship fund is available to currently enrolled students:

This emergency fund is available to men & women enrolled at Highline College

 Emergency funds are CLOSED & will re-open for Winter Quarter: January 22nd and close on March 9, 2018

Winter Quarter start date is: January 8th and last day of finals is: March 23rd.    

Graduation is: June 14, 2018 Cap and Gowns are available for those in need!

Please contact 211 for additional resources & assistance...

This money has been given to us by donation or is money that the department or college has raised through fundraising.  Funds are awarded on an individual need basis. The funds can cover an emergency need up to $500 or less each Academic Year and directly paid to the vendor and approved only once within the academic year (July 1st-June 30).  These funds are not guaranteed! Please complete the emergency application available at Women's Programs office in bldg. 6 lower level or print out a copy below.  Once we receive your documentation your request will be reviewed and a future appointment with program staff will be scheduled and or you will be contacted by phone.

 Must meet eligibility requirements in order to qualify:

Complete Women's Program Participate form, Emergency Fund application and submit a copy of the bill and any supporting documentation (i.e. financial aid award letter, pay stubs, copy of utility bill, etc...)   


Financial Assistance for:     PDF Files/winter2018emergencyfunding.pdf



--Rent assistance

--Limited child care resources are also available