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Returning Students:

Winter Quarter Registration started in November but it's not too late to start January 9th week and we have ongoing continuous enrollment courses call us to learn how to get started at Highline WorkFirst! (206)592-3340

Follow up with Women's Programs/Workfirst Services to update your Quarterly plan.

Spring Quarter 2017 Registration is just around the corner!

Please plan on attending: Mandatory Advising: February 13th 9am-12pm Bldg. 30 room 311/1-4pm Bldg. 30 room 317 & Feb. 14th 9am-12pm in bldg. 30 room 311 to enroll into Spring Quarter classes.


Please come prepared with the documents below:

Mid-Quarter Progress Report: click here!

--Financial Aid--clicking here to check your status! Update Workfirst Advisor of changes

--Degree Audit print here!; bring to Workfirst Advising appointments

Participation Hours for WorkFirst students:

WF students participate 35-40 hours per week in WorkFirst approved activities, if working part time at 19 or 20 education requirement is 15 hours per week in a typical plan.  Since everyone is unique each students plan will vary we will assist you to fit your IRP plan and requirements per your individual case set up by DSHS, you and Highline College WorkFirst Advising Team.

IMPORTANT things to know! Click here!