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WorkFirst Workshops

ERS Tune-Up

Employment Readiness Scale (ERS) is used to help individuals meet their educational and employment goals by raising self-efficacy and helping people track their goals for success and self sufficiency.

Retention Services are offered for students who are struggling with maintaining a 2.0 GPA

The goal of retention is to help students determine goals for increasing grades and to cope with life & school challenges effectively.

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Connect with Women's Programs & Workfirst Services if you are struggling in your courses!


WorkFirst Students: Spring Quarter Bldg. 29 room 308 1:30-2:30 meet with WorkFirst Advisor in Life Skills if you were called for retention services by program staff

Dependable Strengths Articulation Process (DSA)

Next DSA workshop will be offered Fall Quarter 2017     

This process was developed by Dr.Bernard Haldane, Ph.D. and is backed up by over 50 years of research.

*Participants learn:

*How to identify strengths through articulation of Good Experiences

*Articulate strengths by describing them to others

*Verify strengths by providing evidence from personal experiences

*Learn strategies of applying strengths in accomplishing goals and achieving excellence