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WorkFirst Workshops

ERS Tune-Up

Employment Readiness Scale (ERS) is used to help individuals meet their educational and employment goals by raising self-efficacy and helping people track their goals for success and self sufficiency.

Retention Services are offered for students who are struggling with maintaining a 2.0 GPA

The goal of retention is to help students determine goals for increasing grades and to cope with life & school challenges effectively.

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Connect with Women's Programs & Workfirst Services if you are struggling in your courses!


WorkFirst Students:  Bldg. 29 room 309 1:30-2:30 meet with WorkFirst Advisor in Life Skills if you were called for retention services by program staff

Dependable Strengths Articulation Process (DSA)

Next DSA workshop will be scheduled soon!  Contact: 206.592.3365 for details 

This process was developed by Dr.Bernard Haldane, Ph.D. and is backed up by over 50 years of research.

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Participants learn:

        • How to identify strengths through articulation of Good Experiences
        • Articulate strengths by describing them to others
        • Verify strengths by providing evidence from personal experiences
        • Learn strategies of applying strengths in accomplishing goals and achieving excellence