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Contact Information

Highline College Main Contact #: 206 878 3710


Deana Rader

Women’s Programs and WorkFirst Director

206 592 3004

Jean Munro

Program Coordinator/ Adviser and Retention Specialist

206 592 3365

Laquita Fields

Program Coordinator

206 592 3066

Alycia Williams

Program Assistant

206 592 3842


Phone: Women's Program/WorkFirst Office
(206) 592-3340 

FAX: (206) 870 3741

Office location: Women's Program/WorkFirst Office
Building 6, Lower Level next to Campus Security

Office hours: Monday ~      8 am to 5 pm
Tuesday ~     8 am to 5 pm
Wednesday ~ 8 am to 5 pm
Thursday ~    8 am to 5 pm
Friday ~        9 am to 5 pm

Starting September 25th we will be open until 6:30pm on Monday's & Tuesdays until October 2nd.  Then we will be closing at 5pm the remainder of October then open until 6:30pm beginning November 6th on Monday/Tuesdays and 5pm Wed-Friday for the remainder of the fall session.  Contact us if you have questions regarding hours at: 206.592.3340


Mailing Address:



Highline College
Women's Programs
2400 S. 240th St.,
P.O. Box 98000  M/S 6-2
Des Moines, WA  98198-9800