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Women's Programs and WorkFirst Services

 Mission:  Provide a welcoming place for potential students, current students and community members who are looking for classes, workshops and services focused on issues facing them today.  We can help you overcome the hurdles you face coming to school, support you while you are here and assist you with the transition back to work.

  • About Us:  Over 30 years of Service
    Services Offered:

    *Tuition and books paid for enrolled WorkFirst Parents, *College advising Community Resource Referral, *Educational workshops, *Computer classes, *Parenting Support, *Limited Child Care Emergency Funds *DV Advocacy, *Sexual Harassment Info *Dependable Strengths Articulation Training, *Administration of our Emergency Scholarship Fund by providing financial assistance to low-income students & "Yoshida Scholarship for single mothers with no other source of Financial Aid.

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Thank you for your continued support to help low-income students be able to access emergency funding to stay in school.


Women's Programs

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